Top Frame Series




Top Frames Series are an excellent way to package your goods in a modern manufacturing environment. Our top frames are customisable size wise and its components are easily replaceable.

It is ideal for unitising bulk container shipments of metal cans, glass jars, glass bottles and plastic bottles and other rigid packaging. These top frames will bring your manufacturing systems into next level of efficiency and costs reduction. When combined with plastic pallets, top frames securely stabilise loads of product.

Value Added Features
  1. Stable Interlocking (male/female corner keys)
  2. Secure stacking with layer pack
  3. Washable & Easily Cleaned
  4. Smooth & Solid Extrusion frame to protect products
  5. Flexible Custom Extrusion Frame sizes
  6. Personalised adapter and corner keys for easy identification and recovery
  1. Strong
  2. Rigid
  3. Durable
  1. Food & Beverage, Glass & Plastic Bottles, Aluminium Cans & Paper, Rigid Packaging Industries